Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fourth Email Home on July 18, 2011

You guys are so weird [stalking me on my way back from the Temple on Sunday and taking secret pictures of me].  so i wrote you a really long email. and i lost it to im going to have to write it to you guys in a letter. later today i only have 5 minutes left to write! But yeah i will have pictures to send tomorrow as well! I really need those things i asked for in my letter as soon as possible im running low on gel and deoderant! I also was wondering if you could pick me up a notebook. elder hurst has it and i really like to write my letter with the kind of paper that in it. Its a 5 Star Binder and the paper is the same size as the paper i wrote my letter to you last week is on. But i want the kind WITHOUT the three whole punch on it! Thanks so much be expecting a letter soon. oh yeah grandmas letters are super hard to read haha. Love josh!

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