Sunday, July 24, 2011

Third Email Home on July 11, 2011


Elder Smith, Garrett, Mitchelle, and Metcalf left this moring at three. We had a big party for them last night and sang Till we meet again for them. It was pretty cool i got a video of it. but im sad they are gone they were some of my best friends here and our room and floor feels empty without them. and now my other friend in our group elder quinn leaves this wednesday for peru so alot of my friend are gone. hopefully we get some cool new elders in this week... but i still have a few friends left here, like elder hurst and cottrell we get along great! You were right mom reading the book of mormon all at once is way better! And i really do enjoy righting in my journal it helps me remember my days alot better! I even started a scripture journal it really helps me get into the scriptures more. I write down any thought or question i have about a certain verse or just write down good scriptures i like and can use on my mission.

...spanish keeps getting harder and harder each day. I get confused with all the congegations and stuff and im getting frustrated because i cant roll my r's and it bugs me really bad. Im going to try and see the mtc spanish tutor this week to see if that helps. hope it does.

...Well i have to go do laundry bye!! Love Josh

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